You should be someone else you know. You should be tall and thin and ten years younger. Round and fat and middle aged you’re just nobody. You should have a successful and handsome husband. He’d buy you a gorgeous house with a yard. You’d have cute kids, two, one boy, one girl. You’d have the big car for car pools and all day trips to the super market. You fucked up. There’s no nice house with the beautiful green lawn.

And what about the high powered career woman that half the world is afraid of. You missed that too didn’t you? You’re probably not smart enough and just too lazy? You should of been both, you know, the career woman who also has the fabulous husband and the big house. You know the world is full of women who are all these things and more. Where did you miss the boat? It’s too late NOW. You’re such a dumb reject and you knew that all along. Give up before it gets any worse.