Important Things To Remember:

  1. Someone has to take the blame and if not you who will? After all you know deep down that it’s really your fault anyhow.
  2. Accept what ever you happen to get; after all you don’t ever want to appear too fussy or needy.
  3. If you aren’t always sorry people might think you’re never really sorry at all.
  4. Always appear helpless; otherwise you might have to ask for help. It’s never good to have to ask. You want people to do things for you only when they really really want to and need to.
  5. Never put yourself first, other’s needs are always more important than yours.
  6. Don’t ever call attention to yourself or you might be seen as behaving badly (outrageous, shameful, scandalous, disgraceful).
  7. If you don’t do as your told than you don’t understand how to behave and people will think you’re too willful and problematic.
  8. You have to care about ALL problems, otherwise you could appear to not care about any.
  9. If you aren’t absolutely gorgeous than you are just plain ugly and gross and fat. And never forget that.
  10. If they don’t love you then no one will ever love you at all.